Executive Summary for Next Generation Companies

Next Generation Companies (NexGenCos) provides high net worth families with a tool to increase and pass on wealth to the next generation. The company brings together a team of financial professionals experienced in private equity and the management of great wealth. Our clients are primarily wealth creators (entrepreneurs who built their wealth and still hold it in the first generation) who want to achieve one of three objectives — educating, motivating, or providing opportunity to next generation family members. As individuals of great accomplishment, while they want to achieve the seamless transfer of experience and control to the next generation, they expect to achieve their goals involving the next generation while also further enhancing the family’s wealth. They share our belief that investment provides the best vehicle for achieving these objectives.

The decision whether to invest in the acquisition of a company, establish a family-funded private equity partnership, or take the first step of creating a family office depends initially on the family’s size, wealth, and dynamics. Great success and great wealth are often accompanied by great responsibility such that the first generation is compelled to delegate the function of replicating his/her success and carrying it over to the next generation. NexGenCos services assist the next generation in acquiring the acumen that their parents developed the hard way, over time, by passing on the lessons of financial literacy with real wealth. In some cases the first generation’s skills, resources or desires leave them less able to work with, or even mentor, the next generation than they would like. In other cases, they may feel awkward in the context of the family situation. Whatever the reason, NexGenCos provides the bridge the first generation seeks to fulfill its desire and obligation to empower the next generation while relinquishing control only to the extent of their comfort level.

This is intimate work. We do not believe wealthy families should enter into it lightly. Nor do we encourage them to move quickly. All of our clients come from referrals or long association in professional and wealth management roles. Our experience profile (attached) represents clients who are happy to discuss our work with you. We suggest you contact them. More importantly, we will take as much time as you require gaining comfort with the decision to go forward.